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Q-CAN® Plus Fermented Soy Beverage



Organic fermented soybeans in an easy-to-drink nutritious beverage.

Made with real USDA certified Organic Soybeans.

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Product Description

Q-CAN® Plus is perfect for those who are looking for an easy way to balance their diet, meet their body’s diverse nutritional needs, and take charge of their overall health. We are confident that you will love this product as much as we do.

The benefits of fermented soy in one easy-to-drink nutritious beverage. Made with real USDA certified Organic Soybeans. A convenient daily serving is great for Nutritional Support. Q-CAN® Plus is a unique formula derived from advanced fermentation techniques. The fermentation process breaks down beneficial soybean nutrients into a nutritious beverage and a part of a balanced diet. Rich in amino acids, trace elements, and branched-chain fatty acids. Q-CAN® Plus offers a wide-ranging nutrient diversity than traditional soy products including a larger percent of bioavailable isoflavones of Genistein and Daidzein.

Suggested Use:

Nutritional Support as part of a balanced diet.


shake well before use. Take 4-8 fl oz before meals

  • Refrigerate after opening.

  • Keep in cool and dry environment.

USDA Approved

Q-CAN® Plus Daily Health

Q-CAN® Plus is the perfect choice. The amino acids in fermented soy are a natural energy source and help your body break down food, repair tissue, and grow. Fermented soy is not only easy to digest, it promotes overall digestion. Loaded with naturally occurring fatty acids, isoflavones, and easily digestible protein, it will leave you feeling ready to take on whatever challenges life throws your way.

Adding fermented soy to your diet through Q-CAN® Plus is a great way to get a head start on a healthy new beginning for your body.