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Fermented soy in Q-CAN Plus provides health benefits through fermentation by modifying the organic soybeans into a nutrient rich and easy digestible beverage.

Over the years of perfecting our fermentation practices, we have discovered soybeans to provide the best nutritional composition and understand how to maximize their nutritional quality.

Q-Can Plus - Fermented Soy Beverage
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Already considered a healthy source of protein and vitamins, our advanced fermentation technique increases the benefits of soybeans even further. Medical studies have shown time and time again that the nutrients in fermented soy have been linked to better digestive health, heart health, muscle recovery, and muscle growth in addition to a variety of other holistic health benefits.

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Putting the Super in Superfood

Fermentation turns soybeans
Into an Even More Nutritious Superfood

While unfermented soybeans in their original state are already considered an excellent source of protein with a diverse macronutrient profile, fermentation dials up their superpowers even further. When fermentation occurs, it helps process and unlock the essential nutrients that your body needs, providing them in a healthy and easily accessible way. Q-CAN Plus is the finished product of that process – an all-natural, 100% USDA Organic fermented soy product that is ideal for human consumption and health. But to understand what exactly makes Q-CAN Plus so good, we first must understand more about the fermentation process.

What is fermentation?

When most people think of fermentation, they think of the process used to create alcohols and vinegars. In the case of soy, fermentation is applied in a vastly different way. Scientifically speaking, fermentation is the breakdown of a substance by yeasts and microorganisms. This definition gives us a better understanding of the soy fermentation process and what makes Q-CAN Plus so special. In this case, the “substance” being broken down is the superfood soy. The yeasts and microorganisms used in the fermentation process break down difficult to
digest nutrients in the soy, transforming
them into more accessible nutrient
particles that are ready for digestive

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Why is fermentation so good?

Not only does fermentation make nutrients in soy easier to digest – ensuring that there is no irritation during digestion – it also provides the body with faster and more nutrient-efficient digestion. When consuming most foods, your body is unable to access the full macronutrient content because it does not become bio-available in the time that the human digestive process occurs. This results in your body only being able to absorb and utilize a fraction of the nutrients in the food. Q-CAN Plus, which consists only of easily digestible proteins and nutrients, simplifies this process. Fermentation greatly increases the amount of bio-available proteins, amino acids, isoflavones, and other essential nutrients in soy. In short, not only are you able to digest more easily, but you are also able to more quickly absorb a much higher percentage of the nutrients in the soy than you would have otherwise.

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The Journey to Better Health
with Q-Can Plus

As has been documented in extensive scientific research and elsewhere on our site, the benefits of the proteins and nutrients in fermented soy are numerous. Q-CAN Plus is everything you could want in a nutritious fermented soy beverage. All natural and easy to drink, this beverage is perfect for both athletes recovering from exertion and for people who want to take extra care in meeting their body’s diverse nutritional needs. Q-CAN Plus harnesses the power of soy and supercharges it through our refining fermentation process to create a delicious drink that is like none other on the market today. With the easily absorbable proteins and nutrients that your body needs to be its best, Q-CAN Plus is ready to join you on the journey to better health.

Let's start that journey today.

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